Here is Ruby again and her hair is a jewel to work with for sure!  It is at a great length right now and I love to just play in it.  You may not have much time for playing in the morning if you are on your way out.  This ‘do is sure to please Mama and girl with plenty of compliments heading your way. Skill level – 3, Time factor – 2, Cuteness – 4.  This is the new 5 point ratings scale I plan to use when sharing new ‘dos with you.
Gather your toolbox and here we go.  You will need 5 elastics for this one. You can use wet or dry hair.
1-Bush hair until it is smooth and shiny.

2- Part hair: I am a side parter but the middle works great too.  If she has a cowlick, perfect, use that.

3- Separate out a section from each side of the part and secure each in an elastic.  Stay forward of the top of the ear.

4- Take a small section of hair from each of the ponies, wrap the pony and pull through using your finger or your TT.

5- Outta time?  You can stop here as this is a cute look too.  Still with me?  Well here we go.  Part out a great big section from the middle of the crown, smooth it with your brush.

6- Take the front 2 ponytails and add them to this section of hair from the crown.  Secure with your 3rd elastic band.

7- Once again, wrap this ponytail elastic with hair and secure inside itself using your favorite method.  This style is cute too.  Stop here if you like or continue on…

8- Part the remaining hair down the middle and secure with your two remaining elastics.  Be sure to divide the pony from above and include half in each pigtail section.  On your last time through you can pull the piggies only partway through.  This will make a nice, full fun look.  Or, you can pull through and allow them to hang the traditional way, depending on how long her hair is.

Here it is au natural…

Or, with the sweet little Boutique Bow Set that you can find here in my shop.

Now go enjoy your day together1
-The Homestylemom