Summertime Standby Style: With summer swim team practice first thing in the morning, I often need to go run an errand as soon as we are done.  Wet, drippy pool or beach hair is not always easy to style attractively.
We’ve come to appreciate this style on such occasions when it’s necessary to get out and go with wet hair.  I call this standby Messy Bun Piggies and it’s great for short or medium hair fresh from the pool or shower.

Skill Level -2 Time Factor -2 and Cuteness Factor -3. Remember to be careful when working with wet hair as it is easier to break or damage it in this state.  You’ll only need 2 elastics and your rat tail comb.
1- Part the hair into two sections from the front to the nape as desired. 2- Comb and smooth each section. 3- Secure each of the two sections into an elastic but on the last time through only pull through halfway. 4- Top off with the “icing” of your choice and you are on your way.  Firefly is modeling my Firecracker Loopy Bows.

Enjoy your day together!
-The Homestylemom