Try this for: Short to medium hair.  Skill Level – 2.5 Time Factor – 2.5 Cuteness Factor – 3
Warmer weather will be here soon.  Do you need a fun Sunday Morning hairdo?  Is your little girl in a wedding this spring?  Then this hairstyle may be the answer you are looking for.  Grab your toolbox, plug in your heat styling tool of choice and let’s begin.  We are going to need about 30 minutes for this trendy updo.
1- Part out a circular section of hair right at the crown and secure it with an elastic or clip.

2- Spray and part the bangs in your favorite location.  We are side parters.

3-  Take the bangs on the right side and separate into two sections and begin to twist.  Go here if you need a twist tutorial.  You may want it soft.  I like to comb as I go to keep it very tight and neat.  Keep it rather high and straight rather than following the hairline down.  When you get to the center back, secure with an elastic or clip.

4-  Repeat on the left side of head as well.

5- Gather the two twists into an elastic at the back of the head as shown below.

6- Using your fingers or TT tool, pull the ponytail up from the bottom and out the top.

7- Fluff and tease this hair as desired.  This will help fill out and “fluff” your updo.

8- Gather and prepare several bobby pins for use.  Twist the center section of hair and secure with as many bobby pins as you need to make it secure atop her head.  Be sure to anchor them by criss-crossing for best staying power.

9- Spray remaining hair with heat protectant.  We like Aussie because it smells good 🙂

10- Use your curling iron or favorite heat styling tool to curl SMALL sections of hair.

11- Repeat as much or little as desired to create piles of curls, strands of ringlets, or just fullness with the hair.

12- Take some photos and enjoy your lovely little girl and her special day!

This would look terrific adorned with tiny fresh flowers, a sparkly headband, or even a simple ribbon.
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Now go enjoy your day!
-The Homestylemom