I promised 7 new styles for your spring hair enjoyment, so this installment is the 4th.  Here is my precious 2 year old. She is just beginning to have hair long enough to put up and has been requesting pigtails.  What little girl doesn’t want those adorable fountains of hair that demonstrate such personality and cuteness?  This style will take some time as it features two rows of interest before you get to the pigtails.This style would do great on any young girl who spends her days playing and exploring God’s creation.  Her hair is fairly curly so the pigtails ended up looking so springy.  The front of the hair is not quite long enough with all of the new baby hairs that keep sprouting.  The row of knots and then the twist braid works perfectly to keep these little hairs under control.  Now go get your hairstyle took kit and let’s get started!

Begin with a fairly deep part on one side and then part out the first row of bangs and comb it forward.  Clip the remaining hair from the top of the head out of the way so that you have a nice crisp part.

 The front “bang” area is going to be divided into three pony-tailed sections.  Make the first ponytail like this.

 Grab your Topsy Tail tool from your kit, or use your fingers to push the ponytail down under itself from left to right forming a knot. Comb this hair into the second section and secure into the second elastic.  Make the second knot in the same way you made the first.

 Now gather the remaining hair in the front with the tail from the second knot and make your third ponytail section.  Knot this third ponytail as well.  We are now ready to begin the second row…Twist Braid!!

Part out a section of hair between the crown of her head and the knotted bangs.  This will become our Twist Braid row.  Go ahead and begin your twist with the hair that is over at the side part.  If you need my twist braid tutorial, it’s here.

 Twist across the top of her head.  I did it fairly securely as I did not want any fly aways to pop out.

 Once you get to the top of her ear you will need to grab the tail that remains from the front section.

 Braid the tail of the Twist Braid and the front Knotted Ponytail together.  Secure with an elastic at the bottom.

Now, go to the opposite side of her head and just do a basic braid.  I love these sweet little skinny braids!

  You may need to grab your spray bottle again.  It’s time to part for the piggies.  What I did here was this:  I took my rat-tail comb and began at the side part and made a diagonal “zig” over to the middle of the back of her head.  Then I ran the tail straight down to the base of her neck and combed the hair to separate it.  This created a nice, tidy part line.  For people like me, a straight, neat part is VERY important.  Secure the left pigtail and the braid wherever you prefer with an elastic.

 Now spray and comb back the hair from the right side.  Don’t forget to add in the braid here too.  I just adore these sweet, round little puffs of hair.

And here is the finished hairstyle for you to view.

So she finally got her piggies, and I, for one, think they are precious.  If you love these Pinwheel Bows, you can get them here in my shop.  Tangerine is “the color” for this season.  Use this week’s Coupon Code: PIGTASTIC at checkout to receive 15% off any item in my store.  Now go create some Knotty Piggies of your own to enjoy!