The Hunger Games movie is coming out soon and I’ve seen several trailers for it.  The gorgeous hairstyles in this movie have me really intrigued.  While this is not a copycat tutorial of Katniss’ Hunger Games hair style since it is twists rather than braids I did want to say it is definitely a nod to the great soft and simple life that twists and braids from the Hunger Games remind us of.  I think this style suits both the fun and playful or the serious and soulful.  If you love the flower clip, you will find it here in my shop.  This look is great for those with some natural wave as you can basically get up, do the style and go.  Otherwise, you may have to do some work on your ponytail once you are finished.  Grab your hairstyling kit, let’s get started, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Start with tangle free hair that is parted on your preferred side.

 Part out a section of hair from ear to ear.  Think an imaginary headband.

 Pull the back section of hair into a clip of some sort to keep it out of your way.

 Begin by separating the front hair into two small sections and start to literally twist.

 Remember from previous styles this is and easy motion: right over left, add new hair to the left strand, right over left, add new hair to the left strand, right over left…  See my Vimeo tutorial here if you need a refresher.

 Go all the way across the forehead with this same pattern.  Keep adding in even, tangle-free sections of hair.  Continue past the ear following the hair line.

 Come all the way across the back of the neck with smooth, lump-free twists.

  I like the hair above the twist to have some softness and “movement” for this hairstyle, rather than having it combed down nice and tidy and tight.

 Bring the small section of hair from the side part back behind the ear and secure it into an elastic with the hair you’ve twisted.

  At this point I like to go back to the forehead area and gently pull on some of the loops to give them a little more softness and fullness too.  On the older girl this is especially nice as it keeps the style from looking too structured.

 Here it is from the front.  So lovely.  I can’t believe she’ll be 13 at the end of the summer!


 Here are a few shots outdoors for a better look at the entire hairstyle.

I think any girl, including Katniss Eberdeen, would be proud to sport this beautiful hairstyle!

Now go enjoy your day with a great hairstyle!  By the way, this week’s Coupon Code for my shop is: MAYDAY.