Elegant Side Pony Twists

Lately Ruby’s hair has been so naturally lovely when it’s down that I hate to pull it back.  Since it is winter she usually doesn’t mind having it down to keep her warm.  I was feeling creative today so I decided to try another variation on twists.  This really is a lovely, soft look that is perfect for tweens and older girls as well.  Ruby’s curls are clean and have dried naturally.  We gathered the toolbox and she picked through her locks.  Skill level -3, Time Factor -3 and Cuteness Factor -3.

1-Start with tangle-free hair that you’ve sprayed in front to help with neatness and fly aways.

2-With your rat tail comb, part hair on the outside of the eyebrow.  Come across diagonally until just on top of the opposite ear.

3-Remembering that this look is somewhat soft and loose, begin by gathering two small sections from the front of the head and twist one over the other.   Twisting the hair is very similar to a French braid, except you are working with two strands rather than three.  Although this look is soft, I still stop and comb through as I go to keep the twists neat.  When you finish gathering hair from the scalp, continue twisting until the end of the length of hair.

4- Clamp or have her hold the hair twist.   Neatly begin another section behind the first and gather and twist as before all the way down the length of her hair.

5-  With the two twisted sections out of the way, begin smoothing and gathering the rest of the hair into a low side ponytail.

6- Gather and secure with an elastic.  Pull back the two strands and wrap them once around the back of the ponytail and secure into the elastic.  You could add bobby pins if you feel they are necessary to secure the twists.

7- This look is perfect as is.  Or, add your bow and you’re good to go!

Now go enjoy your day! -The Homestylemom