**Disclaimer: This protocol should work for any bow you’ve purchased from a reputable company.  DO NOT try this with any hair accessory from a big box retail store, a bow you may have been given and/or are unsure of it’s construction, or any faux leather or marabou bows.  I can stand behind my work and know that this will work for any ribbon bows or soft headbands that you’ve purchased from Homespun HoneyBee Designs.

1.  Spot Clean Only – Woven Ribbon Hard Headbands, Bows with Marabou Puff, Faux Leather Bows/Headbands, Glitter Bows.

2a.  Busy Mama Method – Using a zippered lingerie bag, place the bow/bows inside.  Launder in cool or warm water with any load.  Remove from bag and place on a towel on top of the dryer to dry.  Allow to dry overnight.  DO NOT place in dryer at all.  Great for filthy bows as you can spray with spot remover as needed.
2b.  Careful Mama Method – Fill one side of your kitchen sink with warm, soapy water.  Toss bow/bows in to soak for 15-20 mins.  Come back and “swish” with your hands as a washing machine.  Go ahead, really work it and make some bubbles!  One at a time inspect each bow and place a dot of dish soap on any spot/stain and rub to remove.
Place each clean bow in the other side of the sink to rinse.  You can fill this side with clear water and/or use the sprayer attachment if you have one.  Shape bow as desired.  Place on towel to dry overnight.
3.  Re-shaping tips for the boutique, fluffy bows.  While the bow is still wet place the bow on a counter, table or other work surface.  Place the bow face up and take your first two fingers of each hand (like a peace sign) and insert one finger into each loop.  It should be right hand fingers in each of the top loops, left hand fingers in bottom two loops.  One finger per loop.  Keeping the bow flat on the table pull your hands apart to spread the loops.  It’s okay to pull – I’ve sewn them well!  They should be somewhat long or “tall” looking.
Remove your fingers and carefully turn the bow to face you while it is still flat on the table.  You should now be looking at the bow top-to-bottom instead of side-to-side when you were separating the loops.  Without crumpling the tall loops, begin to gently pat or squeeze the top and bottom loops together to give them a rounded shape while it is still flat on the table.  You are not patting the bow down against the counter, you are trying to widen the tall loops.  It is helpful to picture your hands facing each other like a letter “C” and gently clamping closed until the loop stays where you want.  This motion is sort of like smooshing a burger that is too tall for your mouth.  If it gets too flat, start again with pulling the loops apart.  Continue until you are happy again with the shape.  The goal is to give the loops a more rounded, even look without smashing them flat.  It is characteristic of my boutique bows for the side loops of the ribbon to be standing on its side.
Congratulations Mama, you are a bow shaper!
I know “a picture’s worth a thousand words” so let me know if you get stuck, it’s my pleasure to help you out!!  You will be amazed how many bows that you thought were hopeless can be revived with this method.

Keep Making the World a Lovelier Place, One Smiling Face at a Time!

-Queen Bee