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easy fast girl hairstyles quick sock buns

Recital Hair UpDo with…Socks!!

You have seen my post about the sock buns, now see where they saved the day!  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would have to use this ‘do as a life-saver.  Many of you know that we homeschool.  Well, this particular Friday was a Field Trip day.  We spent the day downtown …

easy girls hair bows hairstyles quick UpDo wet hair wet hairstyles

Wash and Wear Hair

Summertime Standby Style: With summer swim team practice first thing in the morning, I often need to go run an errand as soon as we are done.  Wet, drippy pool or beach hair is not always easy to style attractively.We’ve come to appreciate this style on such occasions when it’s necessary to get out and …

easy fast girls hair bows hairstyles short short hair spunky

Something Squirrely

This is another ‘do for the lil’ shorties out there.  We do alot of headbands with this cut too but I did want to show you another quick and spunky style that will get you out the door in no time. 1-Start by gathering your toolbox and parting the hair as shown. 2-Separate out your …