What says spring more than flowers blooming?  How about instead of a flower bud tucked behind her ear there was a braid blooming there instead?  This sweet hairstyle is just right for Sunday morning as it goes really quickly.  Grab your hairstyling tool kit and let’s get started!
Begin with smooth, tangle-free hair that is parted on your preferred side.  This time we will plan to have the braid tucked behind the ear on the small side of the part.

 At this point I sectioned out the front of the hair and did a half French Braid back to the ear with the intention of adding the cascading strands into the Twist Braid below.  Since it did not really show up well in the final style I will not bother to give the tutorial on that today.

 Here I am adding in the hair from the braid above to the twist below.  All you will need to do is separate the front of the hair into two small sections and begin your Twist Braid.  The tutorial is here if you need it.

 Twist braid continues down past  her ear and along the back of the head.

Along the back until just behind the ear.

 Braid the small section of hair from the side of the part that is just in front of her ear.  Stop when you get behind her hear.

 Add the hair that is hanging free below that small braid to the two strands from the Twist Braid.

 Braid them together for however long her lovely locks are.  We have layers at the ends so I had to stop short so they would not pop out.

 Secure with a small elastic and begin to roll hair like a cinnamon bun.

Roll and coil the hair so that it resembles a blooming flower.  Place it behind the ear where you desire.

 Hold firmly in place and secure with bobby pins or clips.  Here I am using my “Good Hair Days” plastic pins that you can read about on my Tools page.

 I really like how well they secure the hair and blend so well.  They require far fewer than bobby pins if you have a lot of hair to secure.

 And voila! A pretty bud bursting from her hair.

Here are some shots of the finished style.  You can see in these just how the top braid is barely noticeable.  That is why I didn’t bother giving a tutorial for it with this hairstyle.

Such a cute hairstyle for girls who are ready for spring!

This weeks code for Free Shipping in my shop is: BLOOMERS.  Now go enjoy your day with an adorable head of hair!